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The Lighter Side of Roses

Roses and Their Sunlight Requirements

Yellow Rose

Roses are probably the most popular flower on the planet.  The cost of a dozen for your best girl on Valentine’s Day could get you, well a half tank of gas today. So this makes them even more popular to grow at home. 

Roses require bright sunlight at least 5-6 hours a day.  Most will tolerate filtered shade but too much shade will hinder the production of blossoms.  Shadiness also increases the chance for mildew problems and other diseases.

If you’ve decided to plant new roses or have some that are not very productive choosing a location is key.  The best place to plant or move them would be somewhere that they can receive a good amount of that 5-6 hour period in the morning sun.  Mid-afternoon and late afternoon sun is especially hot and dry.  A little shade during these times would be beneficial to your roses. 

When the heat becomes too much for your roses they become fatigued.  This is when the plant uses more food than the leaves can produce.  If moving them is not an option, you may want to install a thin lath to give them some filtered sun during those hours.  A good sign that your roses are getting too much light and afternoon heat is when they grow lanky stems with few, if any, blossoms.

Pruning during the growing season is a delicate task. This is a completely ‘nother topic! Not to sway our focus, we'll stick to lighting for now.  But there is an element of light to consider when pruning. Keep in mind that before you decide to prune, you have to ask yourself; how many leaves will be taken out of the food production process and how much more light will you be allowing to penetrate the remaining leaves?  Just trying to keep it light.



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