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Solutions for the Small Garden Space

Container planting is a great concept for maximizing the small garden space.  They allow you to fit more into any available area.

Container plants-1

There are so many different types of containers which make the container play a bigger role in the overall design of your small garden than just something to hold a particular plant.

Container plants-2

Choosing a particular style should compliment the look and design of the home or apartment. They also allow you to keep an interesting and appealing look all year long. Some containers are so intricately designed that they can stand alone as a visual ornament or bird bath.

On roof top apartments, patios, courtyards or any confined space, containers make it simpler to add contours, texture and geometrical depth which allow the visitor to dismiss the feeling of confinement.
There is a vast array of colorful plants ranging from annuals, bedding plants perennials and bulbs. It is also easy to overlook the number of shrubs and small trees that grow well in containers. This small Japanese maple does great in a container.

Container plants-3

Window boxes are another way to utilize a confined area. This is certainly a traditional look and remains to be quite the eye catcher to the small garden. Permanent evergreen foliage in conifers and ivies mixed with some colorful annuals grabs the attention of passers by.

Window plants

Raised beds and borders also fall under this container gardening category and allow seemingly infinite possibilities for the small garden.

Raised plant beds













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