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Preparing For Winter

Preparing for the blast of winter:

Winter can be a real nightmare to most plants but a good blanket of snow can be beneficial. Sounds crazy, right? Ground temperatures usually maintain a consistent, balmy 25° F. And it also keeps the wind from drying and damaging leaf structure.

Here are some ways to winterize in the garden.

Burlap wrapped drift-fences are helpful in keeping wind from damaging exposed shrubs. Before winter settles in treat your exposed greenery with an anti-transpirant. This will provide a thin coat preventing moisture loss from drying winds.

On young trees, 3 years and under, apply a thick, three inch layer of mulch. This will prevent drought stress that often occurs in early spring when temperatures are warming but the ground is still somewhat frozen.

snow drift

Protect your walk-way and driveway grasses, places where salt often leeches over and damages the turf.





Liberally sprinkle those areas with gypsum and then apply


Jerry Bakers Winter Walkway Protection Tonic. Here's the recipe:

1 cup of liquid dish soap
1/2 cup of ammonia
1/2 cup of beer
Mix all ingredients in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer and apply liberally over the gypsum.
J. Baker-Master Gardener, recommends this from his book Backyard Problem Solving.







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