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Using Herbs to Control Pests

Growing herbs can not only add to your dining pleasure it can help to discourage lawn and garden pests from coming around.

A Great Selection of Herbs

Plant these where you feel you can get the most effective results. Basil and potted mint near doorways is wise in many ways. Lavender near the porch and post lights is always beneficial. Use your best judgement.

Pest Controlling Herbs
Basil Flies, Mosquitoes
Catnip Beetles, Fleas
Dead Nettle Potato bugs
Hyssop Cabbage Moths
Lavender Cabbage Moths, Box Elders
Mint Aphids, Cabbage Moths, Flea Beetle, Mice
Pennyroyal Flies, Fleas, Mosquitoes
Rosemary Cabbage Moths, Carrot Flies, Bean Beetles
Sage Cabbage Moths, Carrot Flies, Flea Beetles, Slugs, Weevils
Thyme Cabbage Worms






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