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Patio Design


This design attracts beneficial bugs, birds and toads; all can be great for keeping destroying insects from infesting your yard or garden.

the little green apple-patio design.

The Crape Myrtle has gorgeous blossoms.

Crape Myrtle

Blooming for an astonishing two to three months crape myrtles are among the longest-flowering trees grown. Depending on the cultivar the flower clusters are shades of red pink purple or white. Crape myrtle's bark exfoliates in thin flakes revealing lovely light brown or gray inner bark which adds winter interest. Crape myrtles prefer a hot dry climate and tolerate heavy pruning.


The Pecan- Carya illinoensis tree is the most common of the Carya to be reproduced. It likes cold winters and long humid summers

Pecan tree-The Little Green Apple

All other plants are listed below and have their preferred zones in parenthesis.

Golddust Plant (zone 2)
likes acidic soil and moist but will tolerate drought. does well in sun or shade.

Nephrolepis cordifolia-Fishbone Fern (9)

Papaver orientale-Oriental poppy (2-7)
Asparagus plumosus-Asparagus Fern
Nephrolepis-exaltata-Boston fern-
Rhododendron indicum-Satsuki Azalea (3)
Dicentra-Bleeding Heart

Asparagus-plumosus-Asparagus Fern (2)
Hosta - 'Golden Tiara'-Plantain lily (3-9)
Chionanthus virginicus-White fringetree ( 4-9)
Peperomia (2-15)

Scotch Laburnum Laburnum alpinum (young) (5-8)

Golden Chain (2) 9 feet mature


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