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Ortho Weed-B-Gone MAX

An overwhelming review on a fantastic, lawn defending tool.

Ortho Weed B Gone

After years of developing and enhancing lawn festivities a tool has been produced by Ortho for a reasonable cost in a sharpening style; The Weed B Gon MAX. Weed B Gon MAX is pictured here displayed in its current bottle and label as we have purchased recently.

It results the needs of many qualified, lawn and garden specialists. Our favorite version comes in a concentrated 1 quart bottle that we mix with water to be sprayed on to weeds that are demanding the attention. We mix what the recipe on the bottle applies with an easy task. As The Scotts Company, LLC always respectfully says, "Always read and follow the product label before use."

Personally speaking, we have used it to make immediate demands to remove dandelions, white clover, plantain, crabgrass, chickweeds and Canadian thistle weeds. These are the most common and irritable weeds we have encountered. The product is also manufactured to kill 250 broadleaf weeds in northern and southern lawns.

Ortho Weed B Gon has flawlessly manipulated weed removing and has produced lawns that are outrageously spot-free. Having overlooked later after the use of this weed remover, the grass is artistic in its texture.

Without any handshakes or business friendly advantages we speak utterly shameless for the great expectation of this product. We sincerely hope it produces for your needs, as well.

See their site for more information through this live link.



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