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Natural Pest Control Tips

American Toad

American Toad

Invite toads in to keep pests out.

There is no better natural way to get rid of pests than with the toad.  A toad can eat up to one hundred aphids in one night.  If you don't have any of these little hoppers hanging around your property, go get yourself some and watch your pest problems diminish.

Toads need a safe, dark, cool and damp place to hide during the day. If you haven't got a pond they are easy to put together. 

Chip the rim of a flower pot and turn it upside down for a makeshift door leading to a safe haven for the toad to rest.  Make sure you put this in a shady area not prone to heavy traffic or pets to disturb their slumbering.

Stack rocks or bricks together to form a walled bed and line it with soil and leaves as the toad loves to burrow.  Keep the area moist.  And always provide a way of escape to give the toad a chance to flee from predators.  Two entrances on opposite ends will give them a sense of security.

It has come to our attention that a pest control for squirrels is by using the G.I. Joe method.

It takes quite a few "D" batteries, but Hasbo ® gets quite a few good men.

G.I. Joe Squirrel Patrol




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