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Mole Removal and Prevention

If you’ve got moles on your property they are only there for one reason and that’s for food. Here are a few ways to remove them and ways to prevent them, too.

Moles love to dine on earthworms, but if there are grubs, they’ll eat them too.
Moles will bore tunnels throughout your lawn and as they bump into worms they’ll stop and snack.  The tunnels that they construct will raise the grass and disturb the roots while making a mess of your lawn.


It’s been said to get rid of moles, get rid of the grubs. Although this is true in many cases, it isn’t always the solution. But it is a good place to start and one that I recommend.

Mole Tunnels

The best way to prevent moles is to maintain a thick, dense lawn. Keep your lawn on the high side as this will promote longer roots. Thin and bare lawns are more attractive to moles. Imagine yourself hiking through woods. It would be difficult to hike through thick, dense terrain. A thick lawn will prevent an environment to attract the mole. This is the best mole prevention strategy.

Traps are an effective method and the best method of removal claimed by most extension offices. But they involve constant attention and vigilance. Trapping is recommended in the spring. Step on the tunnels in a few places and mark them with a stick. You can check back in a day or two to see if they are raise or not. This will help you determine the active tunnels. Place traps according to their instructions where active tunnels exist.


Digging them out is another method. You can often see them as the sod rises up as they travel. If you do, you can insert a spade or shovel behind it and flip him out into a bucket. Send him off in a fashion that is acceptable to you. Follow your instincts and listen to your heart. I do not prefer this method.

Home Remedies:

Dropping moth balls into the tunnels has been a proven method to deter the mole. Just insert them into an active tunnel and they will move on to another less offensive lawn. We have heard Juicy Fruit gum, castor oil granules, cayenne pepper packed bread balls have worked for some with the same application as the mothballs, but we have no experience with these methods.

Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous earth is another home remedy method and substance you can place in the tunnels.

Just place 2-3 tablespoons of this powder into the tunnels and it will irritate the moles claws and nose. It's made with tiny shards of seashells and will cause the mole to find another rout out of your lawn.

"Prevention is the key by maintaining a dense, thick lawn. Also, breaking up the lawn with paths, beds, stepping stones are all good ways to make your yard unfavorable to moles. I just prefer to keep the grubs away and if we get an occasional mole, well, they don’t usually stick around for long." ~D. Ezell






A mole works hard at keeping itself safe. Home remedies could be a harmless way to defense your lawn.




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