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Insecticide Spray Techniques

Control and Reduce Insect Damage

Insecticides many times are applied on grass seeds to control or reduce insect damage to seeds during storage and to a lesser amount to prevent damage from such insects as wire worms and seed corn maggots in the soil.

Since some of the pesticides are selective in the control of pests, many times two or more compounds are combined in the treatment tank to give the spectrum of activity needed.

The manufacturers of pesticides are often making combinations available to seed processors but should a processor blend two or more pesticides, the compatability of the materials must be determined, as some combinations of materials may seriously reduce seed germination.

When applying two or more pesticides at different times, the sequence of application is also important.

insecticide spray pump

Whether a single pesticide or a combination is to be applied to the seed, read the label and follow the manufacturer's directions carefully.





Routines of insect control and damage are often methods easily forgotten.




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