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Hydroseeding is becoming more and more popular as an effective means of establishing a new lawn. It is a process that utilizes a mixed media of cellulose fiber, seed, fertilizer and water. After being thoroughly mixed into a soupy consistency, this media is sprayed on the lawn by machine. Sprouts will appear in as little as three days and a fully established lawn will be achieved in three weeks or less.

Hydroseeding provides a moisture retaining mulch that allows the undisturbed seed to germinate and root quickly.


Advantages of Hydroseeding

Protection of seeds from heat and birds during germination process.Soil temperature is maintained.
More even application of seeds than is possible with broadcast seeding. Especially effective in keeping seeds from being washed away on slopes. Provides added organic components to enrich the soil after the lawn is established. No need to remove straw as is the case with broadcast seeding. Retention of moisture as seeds sprout. Allows for a better root formation as opposed to sodding.

Site Preparation

Before hydroseeding, the site must be prepared to rid it of all grasses and weeds. More than one application of weed killer will do away with seeds as they germinate. Multiple applications eliminate future problems by ending the life cycle of the weeds. The time of year and degree of weed infestation in your lawn will dictate the needed course of action.

Seed Selection

The seed mixture used to hydroseed will depend on the requirements of your lawn. The amount of sun and shade is one factor. Special seed mixtures may be needed for special requirements such as slopes.

After Care

Be sure to water your hydroseeded lawn consistently for the first two weeks. This is very important. The amount of watering necessary will depend on the weather in your area. Generally, during the first week, water every day in the morning and again in the evening. Then water every other day until there is enough grass for a first mowing. The goal is to keep it moist at all times. Your grass seedlings will die if they are allowed to dry out. Be sure to consult with your lawn care professional to determine the exact water needs of your hydroseeded lawn. Fertilizer is included in the hydroseeding mixture. This ensures that the grass will have every thing it needs for healthy growth. Additional fertilizings should be done every other month during the growing season.

adapted from Michigan State University Extension



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