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how to build a simple deck


The ever increasing popularity of decks and the updates in products make it the ideal do-it-yourself project. Innovations in materials have made decks become more and more easier to build with a professional quality.

Deck building kits are a great way to get the project done. Most of your home imporvement stores and lumberyards have these kits available in standard sizes and configurations. I prefer the "floating" deck. It's more personal and unique to your specifications. So if you've got a design figured out we'll show you the basics to make it happen.

How to build a simple deck:

Step 1: Start by leveling the area that you want to be decked. Once you have done that you can position blocks that will hold the support beams. Beams must be above ground as they will rot and deteriorate if they lay in contact with a moist ground. Air needs to circulate throughout the support beams. If your surface is unstable you may need to lay the blocks on concrete pads similar to those that support outdoor central air conditioning units. Blocks must be level or deck will be unstable.


Step 2: Apply another layer of water-proofing treament to the pressure treated beams for an extra level of protection. Lay out the beams before you secure and check to see that the blocks are close enough together to give good support. Lay a heavy duty polythene over the ground to prevent weeds and overlap them in the direction you prefer rain water to drain.

Step 3: Once you've got the beams where you need them, secure into the blocks with lag screw about a 1/2 inch deep. Cut deck boards to size and coat with preservative. Nail them into the beams bark side up using hot-dipped galvanized nails. Be sure to leave a uniformed 1/4 inch gap between deck boards for proper drainage.


That's it.

floating deck

Pictures by Ron Sutherland, Design by Paul Flemming,Australia the Ultimate Garden Panner, Peter McHoy

deck design-Two tier step-up deck.  Boca Raton, Florida USA

step-up deck

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