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Mowing Chart

Common Grass Species and Best Mowing Heights

You will know it's time to cut when your lawn is 1/3 taller than the grass' normal height. The recommended heights below display the ideal height for the type of grass you are growing. Spring and fall bring cooler temperatures where you can maintain a shorter grass height. The heat of summer brings harmful rays to the soil where it can compact and allow moisture to evaporate. This is the time to maintain a taller grass blade. Below you'll find your ideal lawn height.

Use the chart below to find a suggested height for your type of grass

Grass Spring Mid-Summer Fall
Bermuda 1/2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch
Fescue 1 1/2 inch 2 1/2 inch 1 inch
Kentucky Bluegrass 2 1/2 inch 3 inch 2 inch
Ryegrass 1 1/2 inch 2 1/2 inch 1 inch
St. Augustine 2 inch 3 inch 1 1/2 inch
Zoysia 1/2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch



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