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Eco-Lawn: The lawn of the future

Never need to mow, water or fertilize your lawn ever again.

Janet Bailey of Ontario and her husband tried for years to grow something...anything.. in their yard. They had little to no success. Then one day they decided to try this neo-turf called Eco-Lawn. Today they have a lushes green lawn with very little maintenance.

Eco-Lawn has a slow growth rate. It only grows about 9 inches in an entire growing season. It's a very fine fescue and as it grows it topples over and stands only about 4 inches giving it a wavy, meadow-like appearance.


It grows in full sun, partly shade or even full shade, it doesn't matter. Once it's established it needs no watering and no fertilizing. It is basically maintenance free. If, however, you like that clean crew-cut look, you will only need to mow once a month. It's envirologically correct.


With the price of gas and the deprivation of rain we've seen in areas of the country, this seems like a great alternative. It also grows so dense that weeds have a difficult time getting established. And with low moisture content in the soil, insects and grubs are not attracted to colonize in this environment.

From all I've heard about this new turf it seems like the way to go.

It's available through a couple different distributors. However, Wildflower Farm in Coldwater, Ontario has the lowest price I've seen to date.


Great help is on the way.

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