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About Us

The Little Green Apple dot com was established to be a source of reference for those wanting to learn a little more about gardening and lawn care. We chose the name as it is a constant reminder and yields allusions of humanities first glimpses of God when He created the Garden of Eden. Ever since then we have tried to duplicate its voluminous beauty.

The site’s name was chosen in part by an inspirational illustration shared with us by Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, just outside of San Diego. It is a story worthy of remembering and sharing as well.

In his autobiography, astronaut John Glenn described his years as a test pilot for the military. Once while flying the FJ-3, he entered the test area at an altitude eight miles above sea level. Suddenly his canopy seal burst and, at the same moment, his oxygen regulator went out. He switched to emergency backup, but that failed as well. Glenn's eyesight deteriorated and large patches of black floated into his vision. His only hope was a small bottle of compressed oxygen in his parachute pack. Holding his breath, he put his plane into a steep dive while groping for the "little green apple," as it was called. Just as his lungs were about to burst and he was seconds from unconsciousness, he found the little bottle containing the precious oxygen, opened it, and inhaled deeply. That little green apple became Glennís "souvenir of survival." It's the oxygen of God's Word that keeps our minds sane, our enemies at bay, and our vision clear. As we draw the Scripture into our spiritual lungs, we regain the capacity to pull out of nosedives and to fly above the clouds. Certain verses become "souvenirs of survival" or "little green apples" for our souls.

Is your "little green apple" within arm's reach?

In His law he meditates day and night. Psalm 1:2

Our gardens are in constant change. The crocuses lead the way for the daffodils to blossom. As the daffodils wane the tulips begin their song. And when the lilacs make their entrance, their glorious scents awaken the poppies and the daisies begin to stretch. And as the heat of summer begins to swell, the roses come alive with bursts of color. We are not discouraged.

Hidden in every petal and pistil, in every branch and leaf are reflections of God and His awesome creation. This...a constant reminder of His walk with us in the Garden of Eden.

Dan Ezell, the Publisher and Web Designer of this site, is a long time lawn and garden enthusiast. He has 34 years experience in lawn and garden care from regions of South Florida to Northeast Ohio. His knowledge and unquenchable thirst for information will be displayed and constantly updated throughout these pages. We hope you find something of interest.



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